Thursday, April 16, 2015

Parnilla as Evening Rainbow and more


Special Pricing - On Sale for $169.00 (reg. $199.00)

The fetching Parnilla arrives bearing inset blue eyes behind lush applied lashes and a thick mane of rooted chestnut.  Wearing this luxurious faux fur-trimmed gown of a shimmering black iridescence, beaded buttons and dainty ribbon trim, Parnilla has discovered the dark side of the rainbow. Completing her ensemble are an antiqued gold and purple necklace, an enchanting hairpiece of beads, ribbon, faux flowers and tulle, purple tights, shimmering black pumps. LE 350

The link to the Wilde Imagination Site -

Evening Rainbow on the WI site

Purchased Rainbow - on sale - months ago. Collectors claimed her looks to be lackluster in comparison to the other Parnilla and Evangeline dolls. I pushed her to her back of the closet NRFB. Perhaps a future Ebay listing. FORTUNATELY I had the good sense to rescue her from that condition and recognize that her hair and face-up are SUPERIOR to most - in my opinion - of course.

Re-dressed her in a fashion by Wicked Stitchery/shoes Facets by Marcia/chair Charlene of Four the Dolls.

And a Pic Monkey fool around pic in a Funky Style? pose -

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