Saturday, September 14, 2013

Another Dreary Day

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Another Dreary Day Link

T13ADDD01  MSRP $159.99
Product Description
  • Dressed doll
  • Face includes hand-painted details
  • Fine quality vinyl and hard plastic
  • Agnes Dreary head sculpt
  • 12" articulated child fashion body
  • Cameo skin tone
  • Grey painted eyes
  • Black rooted saran hair with a burgundy hair bow
  • Printed cotton dress with white cotton lace trim and coordinating belt with antiqued gold buckle and a burgundy bow at the collar
  • Burgundy cotton knit tights
  • Nude patyhose
  • Black faux leather shoes
  • Stand
  • E 500
Another Dreary day with her pale blue eyes arrived yesterday at Drearydom Larks (the name of my Doll Collection/blog - since Agnes Dreary was my first ever Tonner doll). With her hair pulled back/bow, the lace trim on her dress, and the mutton sleeves - this latest Agnes is very Victorian in style. The new body is fabulous! She looks much better "in person" than her PR pic. I love Agnes Dreary!

Tonner pic

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  1. Gosh she is quite different isn't she? Not too different though if you know what I mean? I didn't know they were still producing her! The eyes look wonderful. What a great addition to your collection.