Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Agnes Dreary Celebration Six

Penne is a dear friend I met through Agnes Dreary six years ago while purchasing a fashion for Agnes from her on Ebay. Every year she sends my Agnes Dreary a fashion for her birthday along with a bit of a storyline connected to the garment.

 Here is the story for Agnes Dreary Celebration Six - Carly PS Agnes's friends were required to black to the event!

the Storyline -

Agnes stomped her foot, while Victor laughed and played with the dog, and
Mrs. Dreary tried to talk with Sister on the phone. Great Aunt Olivia,
having coffee in the kitchen and watching Riley color could only shake her

"I will not wear that dress, Mother!" Agnes insisted. "Its pastel pink!"
She whined miserably, "how could you do that to me?"

Mrs. Dreary assumed that Agnes was getting hormones, but that was neither
here nor there. The BBQ was tomorrow, Agnes needed a dress, and that was
the only one that met criteria in her size; she would have to wear it.

"It does fit you well, Agnes," announced Olivia, and, she went on, "I
think we can make a few small changes that will make you much happier with
it." She picked up her coffee and asked Agnes to come into the other room
with her and help her get the sewing things...

Several hours later, the dress was still pink, but eminently wearable in
Agnes's opinion....
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