Sunday, November 4, 2012

Drearydom Larks - the dollhouse

"They" say the most appropriate way to store collectible dolls is NRFB in a climate controlled environment. If one must view the doll, an enclosed glass front display case/cabinet would suffice while keeping out dust and such. Well. I prefer constant doll viewing even if limited space requires me to submit to a swith doll display on my one Ikea book shelf.

Until now.

Rushing into CVS one day to replace my empty toothpaste tube (think the back-up tube was hiding with a NRFB doll somewhere) I stopped, spellbound by a product display unit intended for Halloween candy. The Drearys and the display case were made for each other. The perfect display prop for Drearydom Larks.

(Click on pictures to enlarge for detail.)

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