Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dolly organizing...tuff work

I have the reputation of tossing out things. If the salad container has lived in the fridge three days - out it goes. Jellies and salas opened don't stand a chance after a month.  (which I think is extremely long) Clothes - haven't worn it in two years - out it goes! Mags go to library or neighbors after each read, along with books and dvds after one watching.

SOooooo - when I tell you I am concerned my doll collecting is one step short of - hoarding - I am not presenting a hyperbole - well maybe a little. Certainly I have no more room for things that are doll related - my intentions are good but I never seem to create that tree house or re-paint the Barbie furniture for the Drearys. et al.

Currently I have a bag at the top of the stairs filled with a Barbie bathroom set and fridge along with Willy Wonka Ken doll, some other Barbie and Ken in a tuxedo, a baby doll from Ebay of unknown origin with a sweet flowery aroma who didn't quite fit into Grimm's nursery and a few other doll fashions that didn't work. this is to go to charity on Tuesday. This is the FIFTH time it has been at the top of the stairs or the back of the car or on the kitchen counter waiting to leave this place. Each time I bring it back. Yikes!

General organing comments. My three little Crabtree and Evelyn suitcases have been assigned to the Critter critters and eighters along with some Betsy McCall fashions and stuff for the Creedy and Dollmore 5ers.

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