Friday, February 11, 2011

Couture Doll Contest

John & Cindy Prewitt, JC Dream Designs: A round chair with a curved, arched back, covered in Barbie Trademark fabric.

I won the random drawing in Couture Doll Shops match the doll head/caption to the shop. I got 12 of the 16 answer correct and was placed in the third place random drawing which I won. : ) The first of four prizes arrived today! A sleepy Re-Ment kitty wakes up after a cozy nap! Thank goodness the pedigree of Re-Ment doesn't shed!

The girls love how the prize matches their ensembles. Notice that kitty never climbs on the furniture when her humans are around.

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  1. Wonderful prize Carly, and congrats if I didn't say it before now! :o)