Monday, June 7, 2010

Dollmore - Dollpire Eve sculpt

Dollmore's Dollpire Eve sculpt arrived today. Couldn't be more pleased. Re-named her Lamia.

Did the deal with free shipping and they added all sorts of goodies:jacket, notebook, purple roses, rice sweeties, blonde wig...the gray wig was marvelous but I decided as a June bride of Dracula she needed a long, straight, banged version in black. Her eyes are golden and suit the make-up shading so well. Never plan to change them!


  1. Looks like the "Bloofer Lady" from Dracula by Bram Stoker - a compliment, by the way!

  2. Why thank you for the lovely comments, Blue. I had forgotten that part as in:


    We have just received intelligence that another child, missed last night, was only discovered late in the morning under a furze bush at the Shooter's Hill side of Hampstead Heath, which is perhaps, less frequented than the other parts. It has the same tiny wound in the throat as has been noticed in other cases. It was terribly weak, and looked quite emaciated. It too, when partially restored, had the common story to tell of being lured away by the "bloofer lady".

    and as explained in Wiki
    In "Dracula" by Bram Stoker the Bloofer Lady is Miss Lucy Westenra after she becomes a vampire. Bloofer Lady is what the children that Miss Lucy lures in call her.

    and discussion w/ T Lebsak

    Our Mutual Friend" by Dickens, first published as a monthly serialization from May 1864 to November 1865 contains the term "boofer lady". It is generally accepted that Stoker borrowed "bloofer lady" from Dickens, both terms being a youngster's pronunciation of beautiful.