Monday, April 5, 2010

Emily the Strange - um - 2 stars?

Been waiting for this gal to debut in the doll world for some time. Wish I could applaud the arrival but I can't. The box is perfectly red and black Emily Strange and she was easy to unwrap - mostly wire untwisting. The doll itself? Not the quality I had anticipated with a MSRP of 60 some dollars shipping not included. How to compare her to other dolls - let's say Bratz like. Biggest downfall - she falls down. Can't pose to sit and can't stand sans stand. Of course no stand was included.
Perhaps she was intended to be displayed in her box.
Guess not every doll day was meant to be delightful or Dreary with a capital D. But remember, dear reader - sadly - this is just MHO.

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