Saturday, December 19, 2009

I won a Rustic Goth blog giveaway - WOWZER!

I am not very good at following/commenting on random blogs bc I am not a creative or artistic person AND most bloggers are AND I just don't feel - well - an equal to those who can and do create. They create and what do I do - only read.

However, I do follow some blogs I found through Etsy shops. Merchants and artists from whom I have purchased things and feel a bit of a connection to. Rustic Goth is one.

I purchased some AMAZING postcards, ACEOs, a print, and a mirror from Rustic Goth finding such delight in the little goth girls who mirror the sullen looks of the dolls in my Agnes Dreary collection. Many of Rustic goth items I have gifted to fellow Drearyians who are also delighted with the pieces!

So when I learned that Rustic Goth was having a giveaway for a Creepers Calendar 2010 I commented to enter and was one of the three to win a hard copy calender. I am bursting with joy!

Thank you Rustic Goth.

Here is a peek at how some of the Rustic Art pieces are currently being used with my doll collection displays - I just love them!

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  1. You are just so very sweet! My art looks great with your most wonderful dolls...I just love what you do!
    Thank you so much!