Saturday, October 3, 2009

T-Towns Airing of the Quilts 2009

Today is the Airing of the Quilts in T-Town. The eighth year of this annual event with most years finding the beautious quits shadowed by rain clouds. But not this year. A perfect breeze and sunshine honor this event. Check out the gallery on the menu of this link.

The following three quilts are from my childhood life. Nana made the two on the left and Aunt Grace the one on the right. The doll quilt covered me my ENTIRE childhood.

Every year I visit them in their trunk during one cleaning or another and think that this is the year to toss them - all faded and ragged and torn. Who would want them after my lifetime? Any Bengtson heirs are scattered and have never met their great grandparents or are into their own new live stories with little care for the past.
So today I will air them with memories of my loving Nana and Aunt Grace. Hmmm - I can almost smell Swedish biscuits and cinnamon buns baking in the old kitchen.

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