Thursday, April 2, 2009

Drearydom Lurks - the scary dolls : o

I ordered Tonner's Harley Quinn - to be a member of a new family of chalk white vampires that moves next to Grimm's Academy. Too much Twilight on my mind and the mention of Hypatia in my latest Thomas H. Cook read.

The doll arrived and her bad hair - worst doll cut EVER...made me rue the day I placed the order. Stuffed her under the bed and hoped to forget about her.

Then Cherished Friends had the hughest sale ever and I found a seller on Ebay who makes capes - well - to die for! Perfect for the ghoulish dollies. So I unearthed the doll dressed her in her new frock and wrap and here we have the arrival of

Lilitupatia ( which I am translating as pallor night)

Why the net/veil?

She is in self imposed invisible shackles as punishment for a childhood crime.

Here she greets all the dolls associated with Grimm's and her tale unfolds. Ummmm - don't expect more plot - I can do bits of background but I am NOT a storyteller!!! Just displaying my Tonners.

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  1. That Tonner display is really wonderful! I love the little mask you made--quite elegant and mysterious. Agnes, Regina Wentworth, Marley, Betsy McCall and a few other small Tonner dolls live here.