Monday, March 23, 2009

The doll and the parsley

Jenny and Lexie (Maciak) on Yahoo is one of my fav doll groups. Amazing how you'd think a doll's a doll and a collecter just another doll "nutter." This is not true - From My Twinn to Agnes Dreary the mood and method of each collector type varies greatly.

I find Maciak dolls to be memory shots of the COMFORT of the 50's - except for the horrid duck and cover (under your desk in the classroom)

So here's Tia (Tea Party Lexie) wearing an outfit from MA - minus the pooh bear creatures:,21270.html

Temps were in the teens this morning - can this really be the END of March? The parsley was covered and Tia the herb gardener got dressed and went out to checked if it had survived. It had - hearty parsley that it was!

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